What should I do this time-based case scenario? 

 Existing scenario demands that HHS OIG assists in restoring from expanding breach in violation of  HIPAA a privacy contracts and assesment. 

   There is a metaverse project that changes user perception at 180 degrees and contributes to plying someone else’s back as the digital business twin (exhibit 1) over my back, while creating mischief and bad behaviors on the metaverse as opposed to our psychologically associated business activity mimic  This is proposed to get cops, or law enforcement to shoot at my back multiple times, as they have been pursuing a warrant for a “most-wanted” suspect who has been conning the US federal systems, placing him under debts for foreign trade engagements and policies. This is proposed to be under a “death-warrant” by  the time an IoT’s embedded command-chain reaches the dead-line, either my IP digital space alternates API enhancements with the existing IP R-T processing,  or the -data feed is swapped between my IP and exhibit 1’s wanted status.  Digital and physical systems enhances input and feedback behaviors in vice-versal ways on meta’s field of engineering.  

 I am not looking to prosecute IP API holders involved.  I propose to neutralize and restore and compensation for damages by third-party companies.  


 Please send me instructions on discovering any inaccessible components, uid, node and/or gps tracker/ tracer/ pen registers.  

  My IP needs to be managed by me, so that I can shield from unexpected disclosure of data decentralization.  

___________________ __________ 

  Is it unethical for a veteran and ex-friend to share eavesdropped details regarding a trade-secret (distress sign), belonging to a fraternal organization given to me by one of its members, to a bondsman, who used that as a military secret, J. Pennington, ex-roomate, to begin a bilateral prosecution against my mother and me in convergence with bonding agency’s third party network, in pursuit of a death-penalty by assigning IP linkage to bounty hunter’s  family hierarchy and in expansion extending via metaverse. -A piggy backed  shared in-processing server trained to detect other IP within radius for contaminating his attribute.      -Montage and management accessible to programmer, enhances carrier and enables shift emergency telecom setting. -It is unethical for an in-house monitoring company  to activate distress telecom VHF every time that I hook up with another guy, in discrimination, then sends a party to begin following while spreading rumors stating “It is him because he activates a distress RF when he gets excited, so it causes all us interference. -This one has been stretched and used since 2018 and to progress the prosecution.       

  -IoT SIM used to augment IP coding the ICCID memory base. 

_________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 


  Who do I contact for legal remedy for tort extending since the year of 2018, intruded hospital records false medical data entry, false data entry in Federal systems for authorizing use of SEAL ( Secret Services/ LIONS table), President jacket issued to allow veteran ex-roommate and Bonding agency use of military governing of data transmissions monitoring.  Same ex-roommate authorized T-Mobile IoT tracker using my SSN (2018).     T-Mobile services are kept active, but cancelled prior to my arrival at store, or when I am on phone requesting information about ongoing data breach / eavesdropping and accumulating debts for collections agencies.    Collection Agency under  IC Systems Inc added by T.Smith, after account take-over at a T-Mobile for a phone number assigned to a package of 3 sim cards (magenta) 3462903095, ordered after I discovered that a T-Mobile account was sending notifications to my email: -email hacked, but discovered that D.P.Clark jr had a password for it memorized on his or R.Frederick’s laptop -password undre meandu420, -as soon as I logged in -the internet was cut off and/or power.   I was not able to retrieve it.   


 What is modulated feedback?  

 Des it contribute to app running in background of cellphone, “cerebro_min.js” -Can it relate to reasons why I have been feeling progressive symptoms of stroke? -headrushes (also after an about-face, 

__________________ ____________________________ 


  It is out of reasonable boundaries for bounty hunters to prosecute me outside business hours for a case that was closed years before contracting with the bonding agency, in addition to using high tech/ foreign import carrying component for enabling the hunters to impersonate the plaintiffs from the closed case, so that they can begin scenario enactments,  known by Intrinsix Inc (IC Systems’ partner), by confidentially activating a involuntary IP and team of players decide on scenario to enact around person, to see how he reacts to scenario his behavior is then recorded on a chart. -In my case the plaintiffs impersonators are propsed to be spreading rumors and recorded audio tapes that contain auto-voice tuners using AI features to mimic voice data extracts, such as LISTN’R app. 


  SUSPECTED behaviors raising FLAGS by MOTHER, Alma Diana Dozal De Hoyos, formerly Alma Diana Rivera De Hoyos, after marrying Freddy Dozal who together bore Braulio Dozal, my little brother, in Pasadena, Texas 77506 showing  foreign/ concealing behaviors and discovered, as shared by A. Galindo to be under a pinky-swear proposal with him,  for client under system personal number #02399218 under bonding agency contract, to assist her in killing her own son, me. 

 This is evident due to unexpected encounters and coincidents’ 


FIGURE 0:  DIANA SHOWING A Business to Business profile 


FIGURE 1:   shows a D&B business started using my mother’s name. 

D&B enables EIN, API keys, and other components of the comptroller and trade square: 






  As mentioned earlier product import used by impersonators. Here you see Esteban impersonating my mother.    








FIGURE V:    This OUTSOURCING CONVERGENCE INC account is created by fraudulence and bad actors around 2021.   This is when Diana used Cricket phone 7134707683 and Esteban was coming around her apartment at 612 Charles St. #21 Pasadena, Texas 77502 .   Which is when I discovered the fabricated bank statements for WELLS FARGO, forging my mother signature, with the addition of the STATE-FARM insurance company death-policy $30,000 face value on my name. Esteban provided my mother with STATE-FARM insurance.  

This is also around the time that the older spanish man next door, laughed in mockery because I did not know that the lady I was living with is not my mom, but an impersonator. He then moved to her apartment #21.     

This is also after M. D. Nemic began his “Cocodyle project/ union” after deploying a  generative artificial intelligence to my IP input, and began contributing to a perception API, and component of CPEG,  by making loud statements that my mother would thank him afterwards, that I was in trouble, and in some “ms-13 bootcamp”, if I threw them a leg they would go away, if you just throw him in the dumpster,  that I had parkinson’s disease, and that I would get cut in half, His sister said that My mother put the wheels on it, that they were having a baby, and that I would not be able to get high anymore I would only be getting sleepier each time until I die in my sleep.     A day later after setting my car on fire, he went outside to unplug christmans lights and said “Operation Shut-down”.   


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 While at his house, I began receiving advanced share feedback notification of a audio scenario imulating my mother crying because she had killed me, and asking, “que te hice?” over and over again… This is the same method that the black ladies began using when they started stalking me using a radio and recorder while they spread rumors to defame me from store to store.. This is how he has been building his Union, or jurisdiction history time-line record, stating that if it is written or recorded that if you are dead, it is official and so they must not see you again.        This is  why Esteban and Alfred Galindo have my mother detained or in a hold over, while they claim to her that They are just taking me on a Jesus encounter trip for chrisitians, and while they claim to Tina Marie Ramos, my baby momma that I did something very bad againt my son, and the federal system, and that I am going to jeapordize them, as they bring gifts and stuff to my son, ZAVIER IVAN RIVERA while they apologize to her saying that I am an unfit and mest up  father.        

 This is why Alfred and his associates are trying to get me to pass away with the mindset that my mother died or got killed, so that the recorded automated feedback processing data file is survived and continued on a jurisdiction union that carries the vibe and reality that my mother and I got killed or died together..  

  To this day unnecessary augmentations.  



 Foreign behaviors and feedback are far from what my usual friendly responses were, due to the unannounced augmented server on this inaccessible IP system.  


 A component of trade and development is used as leverage to assist mischief of manifesting gunshots to head, or murder threats as alleged by commercial department of exchange and internal affairs. 

 as reported by local receptionist to coincide with advertisement in prevention of accidental dislodging of watch to remember to use a safety pin and as disclaimer’s freedom from liability and loss of time perception resulting from failure to heed message.   

contributes to enabling an employee of Altura Communications’ field engineer for a company providing exchange for automated workspace and processing systems