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I walk past oblivious minds that support one-sided claims. Reason for this site is to augment votes, likes and shares as I present to you the scenario. Your A to my Q, then vise-verse the latter. Subjects involve left hand prosecutions, legal violations as a US citizen, personal views within Satan and his army, doctrine, and the self-attuned belief and where I stand when I board the plates of religion, my partaking, and when I am not, as in being in a congregation/ ritual-mode,. The other subjects are regarding the those who dare to employ the use of high tech and adversarial components to bend Swim's reality in conformance, your command chain. You did it, and now Swim is the eye of fraudulent claims with the addition of Manuela claiming that Swim raped her thirteen year old 12 years ago, has a violent retrogression claiming that Swim's unexpected memory RAT contains a discovered linguistic offensive strike against a 3 month old 's cookie. wisdom

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